5 Best Bronya Light Con In Honkai: Star Rail

Bronya’s favourite Honkai light cones: Star Rail has great choices for every player, and each one is rare or hard to get.

Bronya is a 5-star Harmony character who is very good at controlling the fight and helping her team do more damage. She is one of the best support characters in Honkai: Star Rail, and she fits into any team that likes to kill enemies. This is because, once her traces are unlocked, she can improve the team’s ATK, Crit DMG, help with turn priority, and do a lot more.

In the early form of Honkai: Star Rail, Bronya is one of the few characters who can help the team do more damage as well as she can. With the right build, however, Bronya can become even stronger by using treasures and light cones. There are, luckily, a lot of Harmony path light cones that can boost Bronya’s power and make it easy for the team to destroy their enemies.

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