5 Stunning Highlights Of Tarsar Marsar Trek


The Tarsar Marsar Trek, which is located in the scenic state of Jammu and Kashmir, is an exhilarating journey that reveals some of nature’s most beautiful treasures. Travellers are welcomed by white towering mountains, serene alpine lakes, and a rich cultural experience throughout this entire journey.The journey starts with a path that goes through a patch of dense woods before gradually opening up to stunning views of towering snow-capped peaks. The Tarsar Lake and Marsar Lake can be spotted as one makes their way through the challenging terrain. Along the way, travellers can see numerous charming villages that leave you spellbound.You can also visit camping in kullu , It is a popular and rejuvenating experience for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Starting Point

The Tarsar Marsar Trek’s starting point, Aru, in itself is very beautiful. The whole town setting of Aru is remarkably similar to Europe. The town is made up of a collection of charming homes with sloped roofs. Among the cottages, willow and poplar trees give it a very magical essence. The village’s centre is bisected by a crystal-clear brook. Aru has a very European aesthetic enhanced by the wonderful grasslands that surround it. It provides a perfect start to the trek and can be considered the first highlight of the trek.

The end of the second day of the trek is where one can find the second highlight. The area of the Lidderwat campsite is a small charming community that is tucked away from the amazing pine trees all around it. There are lovely grass meadows right beside the lidderwat bridge that is pretty unexplored. One can find untouched works of nature here and it is bound to leave you spellbound. This settlement offers a peek into the past lives of people while breathing in the aroma of fresh pine trees all around. The Tarsar Marsar Lakes hike also includes a cultural aspect. The trekking experience is enhanced by interacting with the friendly locals, witnessing their way of life, and enjoying local cuisine, providing for a stronger connection with the area and its people.

The Enchanting Ridge Climb at Shekawas – A Journey to Remember

A ridge climb above Shekawas is definitely the third highlight. Just behind Shekawas campground, a grassy ridge ascends. For this hike, you don’t need shoes because the terrain is so grassy. The sensation of bare feet on grass gives the feeling of childlike wonder. The ascent never ends and just keeps going up until your tents are nothing but specks. The valleys surrounding Shekawas widen as the path goes higher. It also shows you one of the best sunsets of your life if you climb in the evening, which is almost certain to happen. It is one of those things that must be experienced at least once in your lifetime, 

Tarsar and Marsar Lakes – The Captivating Gems of the Trek

And of course the Tarsar and Marsar Lakes, on whom the whole trek is based around, are the main highlights of the trip.There are two walks in Tarsar that one cannot miss. Trekkers must first proceed to the far end of Tarsar and cross over to the opposite side of the lake. Tarsar is a lake that appears different no matter what angle you view it from. It almost seems like a brand-new lake with different sights when viewed from the other side. After that, there is the route that leads from our campsite to Shekawas. It can continue for about a kilometre while passing through gorgeous streams. The stunning blue colour of Marsar Lake is among its most alluring features. The sky above is reflected in the lake’s crystal blue waters, creating a captivating scene. The lake’s striking colours against the rocky terrain and surrounding towering mountains create a picture-perfect setting that is nothing short of spectacular. The nearby glaciers also add to Marsar Lake’s tranquillity. With their icy blue hues, the glacial structures serve as silent sentinels protecting the crystal-clear waterways. This scenery is already captivating, but the addition of these glaciers adds a touch of drama and grandeur, making for a truly unique image.


Both lakes provide a calm and serene setting that encourages reflection and introspection. Trekkers and photographers alike are enchanted by the enchanting atmosphere created by the reflection of the surrounding peaks in the water and the dance of light on the water’s surface. Camping on a lake allows you to have a close encounter with nature as the tranquillity of the area envelops you.In essence, the gorgeous blue waters, majestic mountain landscape, vibrant fields and peacefulness that they cause perfectly combine to make up the charm of Tarsar Marsar Lakes. It is a magical location that gives visitors a peek of nature’s breathtaking workmanship and a moving experience for those who are fortunate enough to see it.


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