Anabel Gomez Lopez biography: Childhood, Career, and Complete Details

Anabel Gomez Lopez, a young girl from Mexico, gained widespread admiration for her extraordinary talent in crafting delectable tamales. With the guidance of her parents, she honed her expertise in mastering the intricate techniques required for preparing these cherished treats within the confines of their home kitchen.

What truly set Anabel apart was her unwavering commitment and dynamic spirit. She embarked on a journey to sell her homemade tamales to showcase her culinary prowess and provide financial support for her family. Despite her tender age, Anabel exhibited exceptional resilience and determination, inspiring her community through her culinary endeavors.

Early Life & Education: Anabel Gomez Lopez

Anabel Gomez Lopez hails from the quaint town of Villanueva de San Juan in Seville, Spain, but has called Dos Hermanas home since the age of eleven. Married with two children, her family brings her immense joy, with her youngest being twenty and the eldest around twenty-four. Anabel is deeply ingrained in her community, having served as the president of the AECC Local Board and the David Rivas Social Center. Her passion for neighborhood affairs, education, and social engagements has been a constant throughout her life.

The III Gala of Hope finds its venue at the picturesque La Andrada hacienda, promising a delightful lunch buffet priced at 25 euros for children and 35 euros for adults. This event seeks to commend those individuals who have dedicated themselves to enhancing the quality of life for patients. Among the distinguished honorees is Dr. Eduardo Ros Herranz, a renowned hematologist leading the oncology unit at Valme Hospital. Representing the generous contributors is Francisco Javier Fernandez Mejas.

After completing her studies in the United States in 2003, Anabel Lopez Tamales returned to Belgium, where she pursued her passion for theater at Liege’s Royal Conservatory. Her theatrical journey led her to perform across various European stages, from Lisbon and Brussels to Rome and Vienna.


Anabel Gomez Lopez has woven a prosperous career that intertwines her love for the arts with her dedication to serving her community. Following her education in the United States, Anabel embarked on her theatrical journey upon returning to Belgium in 2003. Immersed in her studies at the Royal Conservatory of Liege, she graced prestigious stages in Brussels, Rome, Vienna, and Lisbon, showcasing her versatility and talent. Notably, Anabel delved into governmental surveillance and personal privacy themes, drawing inspiration from classics such as Moliere’s Don Juan while embracing contemporary pieces like Simon Stephens’s Pornography. Her artistic endeavors captivate audiences and provoke critical reflections on societal issues.

Anabel Lopez in Various Performance Capabilities

For many years, she was relegated to minor roles within the film industry. The film’s direction falls under the purview of Hugo Gelin, Michel Boujenah, and Pascal Chaumeil. Anabel Gomez Lopez La Tamalera has notably appeared in television series, including Baron Noir, Sophie Cross, and Trap. Additionally, she is set to feature in the 2019 film Les Envoutes, directed by Pascal Bonitzer, alongside Sara Giraudeau, Nicolas Duvauchelle, and Nicolas Maury. Lopez’s involvement in legal matters, particularly the State Scandal inquiry, sheds light on her diverse background.

Moreover, her role as Eric Judor’s ex-wife in the Disney+ comedy Weekend Family further showcases her versatility. In Filles du feu’s narrative, her portrayal as a healer adds depth to the character’s lineage. With the anticipated France 2 premiere in Fall 2023, her portrayal of Jeannette underscores the strength of maternal figures.

 The series transports viewers to the early 17th century, delving into the harrowing reality of France’s witch hunts. Lizzie Brochere and Zoe Adjani’s characters characters struggle for survival throughout the series encapsulating the dark historical context. This period not only serves as a backdrop for the narrative but also offers Lopez a significant platform to showcase her talent on a global scale, marking a pivotal moment in her career trajectory.

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