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Common Heir Is on a Mission to Make Plastic-Free Skin Care That Works on All Skin Tones

Typical Heir — a plastic-free skin-treatment model that launched a little more than a 12 months ago — is not fascinated in following splendor company as standard. In an field wherever phrases like ‘sustainability’ and ‘inclusivity’ are used a lot more often as buzzwords or tokens fairly than actionable efforts, the model, founded by Angela Ubias and Cary Lin, wishes to redefine what is actually predicted of environmentally-welcoming pores and skin care.

Common Heir’s endeavor at reinventing sustainable skin care started with no shortage of potential roadblocks. The launch of its 1st products — an encapsulated vitamin C serum — was prepared just as the pandemic started. Because of this, the vast majority of the founders’ function, like some of their 1st conferences, was carried out remotely.

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