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Located in the Bhira Village, near Kolad, in the Raigad district of the state of Maharashtra is the beautiful dense forest of Devkund. Present in the Devkund forest, and lying in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra is a hidden beauty which is the Devkund Waterfall. It is one of the rarest waterfalls, and you’ll see why. It is a union of three waterfalls. The Devkund Waterfall is also the origin point of the Kundalika River. Amassing a height of 2700 feet, the Devkund Waterfall is truly a sight to behold! The water puts on a beautiful hue of turquoise and this waterfall is one the few perennial waterfalls in India. The Devkund Waterfall Trek is considered to be the best waterfall trek in all of India owing to its exquisite beauty, and it also surprisingly happens to be one of the unknown and unexplored waterfalls in Maharashtra. It is the perfect choice for a one day trek. Devkund Waterfall also has some mythological significance and is called the “Bathing Pond of Gods.”


About the Trek


The Devkund Waterfall is at a distance of around 170 km from Mumbai and 110 km from Pune. The base camp is the Bhira Village which, and the journey to the village takes around 7 hours from Mumbai and 5 hours from Pune. You can have a filling breakfast at the base camp that will prepare you for the trek. The Devkund trek is 5-6 kms on each side and involves moderate mode of trekking of around 4 hours. The route involved in the trek is more or less plain in the majority of the areas, and involves an ascent of 300 feet at the end of the trail. As you cover the 5-6 kms worth of trail you’ll get to witness the ethereal beauty that involves the mountains, pristine shining waters, dense and lush greenery, and tiny beautiful hamlets. Upon arriving at the destination you’ll see the gushing waterfall falling from a height of 80 metres, and the natural pool that it creates below whose diameter is around 30 metres. It is an ambience that will truly enchant and mesmerise you. You can also dip your feet in the gorgeous turquoise waters and rejuvenate yourself for the return journey. While on the trek you can also take in the view of the Bhira Dam and the Tamini Ghat. After this, you can descend down to Bhira Village, which is the base camp for a delicious lunch that will energise you.


How to Reach


The base camp – Bhira Village– is at a distance of 170 km from Mumbai and 110 km from Pune. Our package will provide you with pick-up and drop-off services, to and from the base village –Bhira Village. If you want to reach the base camp by yourself, you can do so as well. Bhira is 7 hours from Mumbai and 5 hours from Pune and can be easily accessed by the Mumbai Pune Expressway. 


Things to Know before the Devkund trek


  • You must carry a valid proof of identification, like your Aadhaar card, Voter ID, Passport.
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited on the course of the trek.
  • Always heed to the instructions given by the trek leader, as that will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you.
  • You need to be physically fit in order to be able to take up the Devkund Trek.
  • You need to carry your own water bottles and apt hiking shoes.
  • Washrooms are only available at Bhira village, which is the base camp.
  • Children below 9 years of age are not allowed on the trek. Participants of age 10 years and above will be charged adult rates.




The alluring beauty of the Devkund Waterfall Trek is not something that is to be missed out upon, as it truly is a wonderful experience, we assure you of that! The best time to visit the waterfall is between the months of June and December. With its gorgeous lush greenery, glistening waters, looming mountains and beautiful valleys, it is justified that the Devkund Trek is the best Waterfall trek in the country. It is a perfect getaway for people living hectic lives in the chaos and hubbub of the city. The trek is sure to rejuvenate your body and mind, and offer you a sweet escape from your routine lives.  With its scenic vistas, it is a dream for all the photographers out there. A place straight out of a fairytale, the Devkund Waterfall Trek is sure to hold its place in your memory for years and years to come!


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