Enhance Your Infra Project’s Productivity with ACE & CASE Backhoes

Infra Industry is a major contributor to the Indian GDP. But, more importantly, the heavy-duty equipment industry is a major catalyst driving this growth. This industry, to illustrate, manufactures a wide range of equipment. For example, excavators, backhoe loaders, dozers, etc. Backhoe loaders, in particular, are engineered to facilitate various tasks concerning the project.

Rightly so, the machine can facilitate tasks like landscaping, loading, unloading, transportation, etc. To undertake these tasks, the machine comes with a range of attachments. Hence, all these attributes of a backhoe loader help accelerate the infra project’s progress. 

2 Best-Selling Backhoe Loaders from ACE & CASE

ACE AX-124 Backhoe Loader 

This machine comes with 7500 kg of operating weight, accelerating work output by significant numbers. Additionally, with the ability to reach a height of 2600 mm, this model further enlivens productivity. Moreover, 80 ltr of hydraulic oil capacity helps this backhoe loader facilitate tasks like landscaping, loading, unloading, etc.  

Furthermore, with 1 cum of bucket capacity, the equipment can carry materials in bulk at once. Also, the ACE price in India for this model starts from Rs. 23 Lakh and goes up to 31 Lakh. 

CASE 770 EX Backhoe Loader

This model has largely helped infra professionals scale new heights in output with its operating weight of 8000 kg. Additionally, 110 ltr of hydraulic oil capacity ensures massive fuel efficiency. 

Further interesting is the model’s 2 cum bucket capacity, subsequently helping in the carriage of heavy materials. Above all, the Case machine price for this model ranges between Rs. 25-27 Lakh in India. 

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