Essential Guide to Creating Aesthetically Appealing Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetics is one of the integral parts of human lives, especially women. Cosmetic is a comprehensive term covering a considerable number of products. They come in various forms and dimensions. Each product requires an exclusive package fitting well to it. So ready-made boxes are no way solution to it. Custom cosmetic boxes are the best alternative to give multidimensional beauty products the right fit and exceptional packaging. They are highly customizable. You can frame the box into any shape and size following the product’s requirements.

You must be curious about how to create an exclusive cosmetic packaging wholesale that distinguishes the brand’s products from the crowd. This blog is a step-by-step guide regarding customizing bespoke and stunning cosmetic packaging.

Enhance the Product’s Charm and Value with Stylish Cosmetic Boxes:

This is true that a product’s overall worth relies on its presentation. The cosmetic industry is enlarging day by day. New brands are becoming part of the market and giving rise to competition. Brands consider they can confront their contemporaries by improving the quality of their products. This is not going to work. Product quality and presentation go hand in hand. A valuable item can lose its value due to low-quality packaging. Innovatively designed custom cosmetic boxes can prove a very effective tool to win the client’s heart in the first place. Examples of a box’s design include sleeve packaging, a cosmetic box with die-cuts, a two-piece box, and boxes with magnetic closures. Tuck end boxes are a befitting option to store cosmetic items like lipsticks, eye-shadows, eyeliners etc.

Enrich Cosmetic Packaging with Rigid Boxes Magnet Closure:

All products in cosmetics are of high value. Therefore, they require rich packaging. We have discovered an excellent solution to create luxurious packaging for cosmetic items. What is it? Rigid boxes with magnet closures are perfect for producing high-quality, appealing cosmetic packaging. The box with magnets has effortless openings and endings. Moreover, you can embellish the box with extra finishings like gloss, matt, spot UV etc.  and engage the clients at first sight.

Make the Addition of a Window to Give Impressive Visual Impact:

The clients are very conscious of the product’s quality. They cannot risk their skin and money by purchasing low-quality cosmetic products.   Custom cosmetics boxes with window cut-outs are a befitting option to satisfy clients at first sight. The window allows clients to look inside the box. They can get an idea about the size of a lipstick, its color shades etc. Moreover, adding a thick PVC sheet on the window protects the product. The make-up items usually do not dry up due to moisturization, dust and pollutants.

Create a Sturdy Cosmetic Mialer Packaging by Using Cardboard Corrugated Paper:

Today, a large number of beauty brands have shifted towards e-businesses.  They are selling their best quality online products. Both brands and clients have comprehensions regarding the product’s safety during shipment. Custom cosmetic boxes made with sturdy cardboard paper have solved this dilemma. They are the most satisfactory option to ship products smoothly. Moreover, you can give extra protection to delicate items by adding inside inserts in the packaging. Foam holders are used to enrich packaging. However, cardboard and corrugated inserts are the best solutions.

Your Go to Packaging Destination for Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale:

Indeed, it’s a very challenging task to find out a reliable online packaging company. Have you been in search of a trustable packaging supplier? We must appreciate you for ending up at the right place. iCustomBoxes is an ideal place to buy first-rate custom cosmetic boxes. We design boxes in any custom shape, size, color and material. You must tell us about your demands, and our packaging team will act accordingly. So, what’s the wait? Join hands with us to personalize a custom-fit cosmetic box in preferred designs. Place your order now to avail yourself of free shipment all across the globe.  Moreover, we also offer free quote, plates, die-cuts, design mock-ups, huge discounts on bulk orders and design support as well.


What is the quantity of boxes for custom cosmetic boxes?

We do not accept low-quantity orders. Our minimum order quantity includes 100 boxes.

Can you design custom lipstick boxes with die-cuts?

There are unbeatable packaging solutions when it comes to customization. We can design alluring shaped die-cuts in any required size for custom lipstick boxes.

Do you design gift cosmetic boxes on cardboard paper?

Yes, we can use cardboard paper at the client’s request. However, rigid is a substantial stock option for gift packaging.

Can I request design mock-ups before the completion of the order?

Yes, of course. We do provide design samples based on the customer’s demands.

What are the most suitable material options for cosmetic packaging?

Cardboard is the most apt option for retail cosmetic boxes. Moreover, kraft, rigid, and cardboard corrugated paper produce premium cosmetic packaging.




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