Expert Tips for Using CCI 550 Primers in Reloading

Welcome to the Lambton Armory blog, your trusted source for expert insights and information on firearms, ammunition, and reloading supplies. Today, we’re delving into the world of reloading with a focus on one of the most critical components: CCI 550 Primers. These primers are known for their reliability, consistency, and performance, making them a popular choice among reloaders. Whether you’re new to reloading or a seasoned enthusiast, mastering the use of CCI 550 Primers can enhance your reloading experience and improve the performance of your ammunition. In this article, we’ll share expert tips and best practices for using CCI 550 Primers effectively in your reloading process.

Understanding the Role of Primers in Reloading

Before we dive into the tips, let’s briefly review the role of primers in the reloading process. Primers are small but essential components that initiate the ignition of the powder charge within a cartridge. When the firing pin strikes the primer, it ignites, creating a small flame that ignites the powder and propels the bullet down the barrel. A reliable primer ensures consistent ignition, which is critical for accuracy, reliability, and safety.

Expert Tips for Using CCI 550 Primers

1. Proper Storage and Handling

Proper storage and handling of primers are essential to maintain their integrity and performance. Here are some tips:

  • Store in a Cool, Dry Place: Primers should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from sources of heat, moisture, and direct sunlight.
  • Handle with Care: Avoid dropping or mishandling primers, as this can damage the sensitive compound inside.
  • Keep in Original Packaging: Store primers in their original packaging until ready to use to prevent contamination and ensure proper identification.

2. Inspection and Preparation

Before using CCI 550 Primers in your reloading process, it’s essential to inspect them for any signs of damage or defects. Here’s what to look for:

  • Visual Inspection: Check each primer for signs of deformation, discoloration, or damage. Discard any primers that appear flawed.
  • Consistent Seating: Ensure that the primers are seated consistently and squarely in the primer pocket of the cartridge casing. An uneven or improperly seated primer can cause ignition issues and affect performance.

3. Optimal Primer Seating Depth

Proper primer seating depth is critical for reliable ignition and consistent performance. Here are some tips for achieving optimal primer seating depth:

  • Use a Reliable Priming Tool: Invest in a high-quality priming tool that allows for precise control over primer seating depth.
  • Consistent Pressure: Apply consistent pressure when seating primers to ensure uniform depth across all cartridges.
  • Check Primer Depth: After seating primers, visually inspect each cartridge to ensure that the primers are seated flush with or slightly below the surface of the primer pocket.

4. Consistent Powder Charges

Consistency is key when it comes to reloading, and this applies to powder charges as well. Here’s how to achieve consistent powder charges with CCI 550 Primers:

  • Use a Reliable Powder Measure: Invest in a quality powder measure that delivers consistent charges with minimal variation.
  • Check and Verify: Regularly check and verify your powder measure settings to ensure they are calibrated correctly.
  • Powder Charge Weight: Measure and verify the weight of each powder charge to ensure consistency from cartridge to cartridge.

5. Test and Evaluate

After reloading your ammunition with CCI 550 Primers, it’s essential to test and evaluate the performance of your loads. Here’s how:

  • Range Testing: Test-fire a sample of your reloaded ammunition at the range to evaluate accuracy, consistency, and reliability.
  • Chronograph Testing: Use a chronograph to measure the velocity of your reloaded ammunition and ensure it meets your desired specifications.
  • Observation and Analysis: Pay attention to any signs of primer-related issues, such as misfires or inconsistent ignition. Analyze your results and make any necessary adjustments to your reloading process.


CCI 550 Primers are a reliable and consistent choice for reloaders seeking high-quality performance in their ammunition. By following these expert tips and best practices, you can maximize the effectiveness of CCI 550 Primers in your reloading process and achieve superior results. Remember to prioritize safety at all times and consult reputable reloading manuals and resources for additional guidance.

At Lambton Armory, we’re committed to providing top-quality reloading supplies, including CCI 550 Primers, to support your shooting needs. Visit our online store today to explore our selection of reloading products and accessories. Happy reloading!

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