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Do you want to create bootable USB drives the easy way? We are sure that you are also suffering from downloading the ISO file and creating a bootable USB flash drive on Windows PC. No doubt, Rufus Download is the best solution for you. It is the most simple way to format and create bootable USB flash drives such as pen drives, USB keys, memory sticks, etc without burning a CD. For Windows PC users, Rufus Download Windows is an especially designed tool to create USB installation media from bootable ISOs on Windows, Linux, UEFI, etc.

Would you like to get a better idea about this tool to create a bootable USB flash drive? Read the following content below.

Rufus Download Windows – Introduction

Rufus Windows Download lets you create live USB drivers on your Windows devices. This is a great Free download software to create boot disks from an external drive. So, this is one of the particular open-source portable applications for Microsoft Windows.

Hoping to use a modern open-source substitute for the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool for Windows, Rufus Download Windows helps you to build bootable Live USB drives for Linux distributions. That means you can turn the flash drive into a bootable USB drive. Rufus includes various Linux distributions and Windows installation .iso files. Also, this works as raw disk image files. Now, you can easily download Rufus for Windows for a free utility to create bootable Live USB flash drives to install and use the complete operating systems without burning a CD.

Current Version of Rufus Windows Latest Version Download

  • App Version: Rufus v3.21
  • File size: 1.3 MB
  • Category: Disc/Files
  • Last updated: December 23, 2022
  • Developer: Pete Batard
  • License: Freeware
  • Language: English
  • OS: Windows
  • Downloads: 17,616,620

How Do We Get Rufus Download for Windows 10?

As a Windows 10 PC user, you may be looking at the best method to make a live Linux USB drive. Now, you need to follow the simple steps below to complete the Rufus Download Windows on your Windows 10 computer or laptop.

  1. You can free download the most recently released Rufus Download Windows version from the official website link download page
  2. Set up and open Rufus after downloading
  3. Plug into the USB drive
  4. You will see the top-down menu and you can click on the button “Select” when you see the drive
  5. Next, click the browse window, select it, and press the ‘Open’ button, to which your ISO file has been saved
  6. Click the ‘Tick’ icon next to the ‘Boot Selection’ menu to measure if you like
  7. Now, you will see ISO file controls for MD5, SHA1, and SHA256
  8. From the Target Device down menu, you can select “MBR” from the Drop-Down Partition Scheme and “BIOS or UEFI.” (If you’re trying to use this bootable USB drive on the old device, you can select the ‘Attach fixes for old BIOSes’ checkbox in the ‘Advanced Drive Assets’ section)
  9. You can use the “Volume label” field to modify the name of the USB drive.
  10. Make sure that the “Quick Format” checkbox is selected under Advanced Format Options.
  11. Click on the ‘Start’ option and you download more files, depending on the ISO file only press the “Yes” button
  12. Select the “Write in ISO image mode” option and click on the “Ok” button in the next prompt.
  13. An alert format can also be found Click “OK” to begin making the bootable USB drive
  14. After the progress bar is finished to complete the development process depending on your USB drive, the message is not finished. However, you can hear a completion sound and the progress bar turns entirely green.

Matter to Download Rufus Windows Free  

Do you want to format and create bootable USB flash drives or Live USBs? Well, it is now a very easy task. If you use various Linux distributions and Windows installation .iso files, Rufus Download Windows is the best open-source software. It lets you format and create bootable USB flash drives or Live USB without burning a CD. It is a regular USB storage device.

Previously, we used CDs and CD-ROM drives to install an operating system on your device. However, it is sometimes a different task. Due to the latest updates in this technology, Rufus is able to install an operating system from a USB drive such as pen drives, USB keys, memory sticks, etc. Happy to say that, you don’t need CDs and CD-ROM drives anymore.

Anyone can easily be primarily used to create DOS bootable USB flash drives to experience the fully functioning operating system on Windows platforms free of cost. Once you start up your Windows computer, it boots from the operating system stored on your internal hard drive. Next, you can boot up your computer using the USB’s ISO image instead of running the bootable USB.

Finally, you can use this most useful tool if you ever need to recover, repair or install an operating system on your Windows computer. So, this is a great gift for you to create a bootable USB without any trouble.

Although, you can use this Rufus for Windows to work on a system that doesn’t have an OS installed. Likewise, it helps to flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS. There is a very simple-to-use process and anyone can easily run a low-level utility as well.

Rufus is faster in the creation of Linux bootable USBs from ISOs. No doubt, your device is not at risk with the Download Rufus Windows process. Also, there is no data that would be lost. This is a small software and tries to download the most recently released bug-fixed version of Rufus Windows device to activate the fully functioning operating system without any risk.

Due to the user records, Rufus is highly recommended for use on most Windows PC devices. Happy to say that it is the most helpful, and simple-to-use software. Also, you can easily choose a wide range of Linux distributions. So, Rufus is available for safe download and free with the latest versions.

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