How To Download A Video From Instagram On Any Device?

What is Instagram? Instagram is a social media network that allows sharing images, videos, reels, and more. You can use it to share your feelings with others, promote your small business, and more. How to save media files from Instagram? Have you ever tried to download any video from Instagram? It is an impossible thing. Instagram doesn’t allow you to download any media file from its platform. How can you overcome these issues? You can use various unofficial methods to download media files from Instagram. Now let’s see what various unofficial Instagram media file downloading methods you can use.

 1. Using Sked’s Chrome extension

The first method to download videos from Instagram is using Sked’s Chrome Extension. If you want to save Instagram photos to repost them for your user-generated campaign, it is the most efficient way. Now let’s see the step guide to use Sked’s Chrome Extension. 

  • First, sign up for a Sked social account. Then open your Chrome browser and download the extension here. 
  • Click the “Add to Chrome” button. Then approve any browser prompts.
  • Then, hit the Sked Social Regram icon in your Chrome Extension toolbar. 
  • Now, sign in using your Sked Social Account credentials.
  • Enter your new caption in the caption box.
  • You can hide hashtags in the First Comment box if you like.
  • Queue, schedule or Send your post to “Drafts” automatically. 
  • Click “Submit Post”

 2. Taking Screenshots

Do you want to download Instagram videos easily? If so, the best way is to take screenshots. When you take screenshots, the resolution and size of the video aren’t an issue for you. 

For PC

  • Open the Instagram photo within your desktop browser.
  • Open the snipping tool on your PC. To open the snipping tool on your computer select the “Start” button and type “ Snipping tool” into the Windows 10 search bar.
  • Adjust your Snipping “Mode”. 
  • Then, click “New” in the menu toolbar.
  • Now, choose the area of the image you want to snip.
  • Select the “Save Snip” button after capturing your snip.
  • In the Save As box, type a file name, location, and type and proceed by clicking Save. 

For Mac 

  • Open your selected Instagram photo within your desktop browser.
  • Hold download Shift + Command + 4
  • Drag to select the area of the image you need to capture.
  • Then find the image saved as a .png file on your desktop.

 3. Use of third-party Instagram downloaders

One of the easiest ways to download videos from Instagram is by using third-party Instagram downloaders. They support you to download videos from Instagram within a few easy steps. There are several Instagram downloaders available online. However, you should select the perfect third-party Instagram downloaders for that. They are InstaSaver Downloader, FastSave, DownloadGram, Quick Save, etc.

InstaSaver Downloader

The InstaSaver is a perfect Instagram downloader that helps to download Instagram videos on Android devices. It includes a user-friendly interface and is easy to handle. Likewise, the downloading speed is at a higher level. Also, InstaSaver features data encryption. As well as it has an interactive app. 


The FastSave is another Instagram downloader that lets you download videos and images from Instagram fast. Likewise, it downloads media files without a watermark. Also, it lets you download unlimited HD-quality videos easily. 


DownloadGram is the best solution to use as an Instagram downloader. Why am I saying that? It downloads Instagram photos and videos directly with a single click. Likewise, it is an online application. Hence, you don’t need to install or download any app. Also, the tool is available for free. The Instagram media file downloader allows you to download IGTV videos. What about safety? Nothing to worry about. It is a 100% accurate and secure application. It never breaks any Instagram terms to download media files from its platform. That is why I am saying DownloadGram is the best. 

How to download videos from Instagram using it?

  • First, open the Instagram app or the website.
  • Copy the URL of the Instagram photo you wish to download.
  • Then go to the Instagram downloader.
  • Paste the URL of the image into the input box.
  • Click on the “Download” button.
  • Wait a few moments to convert Instagram files to JPG/MP4 automatically. 
  • Then scroll download to the media preview.
  • Finally, press the “Download” button to start the downloading process. 

Quick save

The Quick Save is a one-step downloading option that allows you to download unlimited Instagram media files. It consists of 8 grid image format features and lets you download high-resolution images. Likewise, the Quick save confirms the super speed. Also, it supports any device perfectly. 

 4. Searching via Page Source

The Instagram downloading method, search via Page Source allows you to download high-resolution photos from Instagram. Here is the step guide to downloading Instagram media files by searching via page source. 

  • Open the Instagram photo in your browser.
  • Click the “…” at the top right of the photo.
  • Tap “Copy Link”
  • Enter the link in your browser’s Window. Then, press Enter/ Return.
  • To access Chrome’s page source click View > Developer > View Source in Chrome. 
  • In the “View Source” Windowpane, click CTRL + F (PC) or Command + F ( Mac) and paste or type in “.jpg”.
  • The first URL to appear is usually the image you want to save. 
  • Copy the URL of the media file. Then paste the URL into another tab/ window to produce a window with the image.
  • To save it to your PC or Mac right click.

 5. Manually Record Instagram Stories

Another method to save media files from Instagram is recording. You can record your screen while the video is playing. If you are an iOS device user, you can use the step guide to record the screen. 

  • To reach the control center, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone.
  • Press the circular Record button.
  • Tap start recording. 
  • Record your video.
  • Open the control center again.
  • Then click the red circular record button to stop.

Androids don’t have a built-in function that allows you to record the screen. Hence, there are some apps to use to record screens in Android. You can use AZ Recorder, YouTube Gaming, ScreenCam, etc. 


If you want to download your favorite Instagram videos, you can use several unofficial downloading methods. We have provided different Instagram downloading methods for you. All of them are easy to use. Hence, you don’t need additional technical skills to use them. 

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