How to Find Our Spotify Pie Chart?

Spotify lets users know their listening habits, and what genres, albums, playlists, and whatever they have listened to on the Spotify app once a year in the month of December.  Using Spotify’s annual wrapped feature user will be able to see their listening music habits throughout the year and loves to share them on various social media platforms. Spotify Wrapped features have gained immense popularity among its users.  But they have to wait until the end of the year to see their listening to music habits on Spotify. 

To enable users to see their monthly Spotify music taste, a UCLA student Darren Hunag has developed an app Spotify Pie Chart which lets users view their monthly music tastes in a stunning visual form.

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What Is the Spotify Pie Chart

Created by Darren Huang a new third-party website Spotify Pie lets users a chance to create their own Spotify Pie Chart to view the statistics of their listening to music tastes on Spotify on a monthly basis. 

This new tool named Spotify Pie Chart gathers data from your Spotify app analyses your listening habits and then presents it in a  stunning pie chart and uses different colors to denote different genres, albums, playlists, etc. that you have listened to on your Spotify app. Beneath every pie, on the pie chart spotify the name of the corresponding genre is given.

How to Create Your Own Spotify Pie Chart

To view your own Spotify Pie Chart,  you need to grant access to your Spotify app to the third-party app Spotify Pie app. Proceed with steps

  • Head towards the Spotify Pie Website.
  • After that, all you need to do is to log in to your Spotify account.
  • Here you need to grant permission to view your Spotify music tastes.

Your Spotify pie chart is ready to view and share on social media platforms. This site is completely free to use and creates a visually stunning colorful pie chart of your monthly music listening habits.

Similar to the most popular Spotify Wrapped feature Spotify Pie chart has gained an overwhelming response from the users of Spotify to view their music tastes every month.

Bottom Line

However, Spotify Pie Chart is a third-party app, that may steal your personal data when given permission to access it, but still, the app is said safe.

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