How To Keep Your Lashes Clean – And Why It Is Essential

We give so much time and attention to washing our hair, cleansing our face, and hydrating our bodies, but we don’t pay attention towards cleaning our lashes. When you think about it, your eyelashes do a lot of work! They shield your eyes from dust, lint and other pollutants in the air. They function as a filter for your eyes, and like other filters, they only function correctly when they are clean and well-maintained by you. So, we would say that everyone should clean and maintain their lash health.

Further, if you have an enticing lash extension, you don’t need much washing to  extend your lashes’ life. So, it is a win-win situation when you do this, therefore given below are instructions to clean your lashes:

Steps You Should Follow To Keep Your Lashes Clean

If you’re new to the eyelash extension and don’t know how to clean your lashes and follow the given below steps to give a beautiful and natural look:

Try To Avoid Oil-Based Products

Oil-based products can potentially weaken the professional eyelash glue adhesive beneath your lash extensions. As a result, your extensions will slip off your original lash before the lash is ready to shed. Therefore, if you have lash extensions, dodge oil-based products around your eye area when washing your face or lashes.

Always Use A Gentle Lash Cleanser

Cleaning the lashes with a good quality cleaner is the most critical step for eyelash extension. A right eyelash cleanser should be gentle but efficient, also, the cleanser should not contain intense chemicals or irritants like alcohol or sulphate. Cleaning your lashes with a gentle cleanser will remove dirt, oil and other chemicals and guarantees that the glue will be safe and in the correct place. Moreover, this step will also help in reducing the discomfort caused by the dirt and bacteria on the natural lash line.

Gently Cleanse Your Lashes Every 2-3 Days

There are a few essential guidelines to follow to extend the life of your eyelash extension. Basically, this includes maintaining them free of moisture for 24 hours after the application, trying to avoid the tugging at the extensions and combining your lashes with a lash brush every day. However, carefully washing your lashes on

alternative days is one of the most vital measures. So this step will ensure that the lashes are free of any dirt or bacteria that could cause the adhesive to break down or, even worse, an eye infection. Therefore, you’ll also notice how nicer your extensions look when they’re appropriately cleaned regularly.

Use a Circular Motion, Gently and Pat Dry

You are aware of your the sunscreen application technique, right? When it comes to cleansing your lashes, that kind of aggressive treatment is something you should avoid. Wash gently over the eyelashes in a downward circular motion. After that, rinse until all of the product is gone with fresh water. Never massage back and forth because doing so is too rough on the lashes and will hasten their natural shedding.

After cleaning them, gently pat the lashes dry with a lint-free or paper towel before allowing them to dry naturally. Take your lash spool and brush them through once they are completely dried.

Remove Makeup From Around Your Lashes

This isn’t considered a thorough lash cleansing technique, but if you apply makeup frequently, removing it daily from the area around your lash line is essential. You just have to clean as closely to the lash line as you can by dipping a cotton bud into a foamy lash cleaner or any water-based cleanser. Remember, never put on eyeshadow or foundation around your lashes before going to bed.

Bottom Line

As a result of reading the above-mentioned blog, you now understand how to care for eyelash extensions at home properly. You simply need to be cautious when removing eye makeup. As previously said, you should avoid using the oil-based products on your eyelashes because they may loosen the adhesive. We also recommend using micellar water to remove eye makeup. Therefore, if you follow these steps, your eyelash extensions will last longer and look fuller between infill procedures.

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