How to Preserve a Mushroom for Display

Mushrooms are fascinating organisms with unique shapes, colors, and textures that make them perfect for display. Preserving mushrooms for decoration not only adds natural beauty to your living space but also celebrates the wonders of the forest floor. In this guide, we will explore various methods for preserving mushrooms, ensuring they remain in their prime condition for years to come. Whether you are an avid mushroom collector or simply appreciate their aesthetic value, this article will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to create captivating displays.

How to Preserve a Mushroom for Display?

Preserving mushrooms requires precision and care to maintain their delicate features. Here’s a step-by-step guide to preserving mushrooms for display:

Selecting the Right Mushroom

Begin by selecting fresh, visually appealing mushrooms with intact caps and stems. Choose specimens that are not damaged or decayed, as these will not preserve well.

Cleaning the Mushroom

Gently clean the mushroom using a soft brush or a damp cloth. Avoid using water as excessive moisture can damage the mushroom’s structure.

Drying the Mushroom

To preserve the mushroom’s natural form, air-drying is the most common method. Place the cleaned mushrooms on a mesh or a wire rack, ensuring proper air circulation. Keep them in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Using Desiccants

An alternative to air-drying is using desiccants like silica gel or rice. These substances help speed up the drying process while retaining the mushroom’s shape and color.

Pressing the Mushroom

For flat displays, pressing the mushroom is an excellent technique. Place the mushroom between sheets of absorbent paper and press it under a heavy book or press. This method is ideal for creating botanical art.

Creating Resin Art

Preserve mushrooms in resin to create stunning, three-dimensional displays. Pour epoxy resin into a mold, place the mushroom inside, and let it cure. The result is a transparent and durable display piece.

Freezing the Mushroom

Freezing mushrooms is an effective method for long-term preservation. Clean and package the mushrooms in an airtight container, then freeze them to halt decay.

Drying with a Food Dehydrator

Invest in a food dehydrator to speed up the drying process. Set the dehydrator to a low temperature and place the mushrooms inside until they are thoroughly dried.

Using a Drying Chamber

For professional-grade preservation, consider using a drying chamber. These chambers control temperature and humidity to ensure optimal drying conditions.

Applying a Preservation Spray

Preservation sprays like polyurethane can protect delicate mushrooms from damage and help them retain their color and shape.

Mounting the Mushroom

Mount the preserved mushroom on a display board or a shadow box to create a visually appealing showcase.

Enhancing with Natural Elements

Add natural elements like moss, ferns, or pinecones to complement the mushroom display and create a harmonious arrangement.

Designing a Fairy Garden

Incorporate the preserved mushrooms into a fairy garden to craft a whimsical and enchanting scene.

Crafting a Terrarium

Preserved mushrooms add an earthy touch to terrariums. Create a miniature forest with moss, soil, and other decorative elements.

Creating Wall Art

Frame preserved mushrooms to hang them as unique wall art pieces that captivate the attention of visitors.

Decorating with Mason Jars

Place preserved mushrooms in decorative mason jars filled with fairy lights for a magical and ethereal display.

Maintaining the Display

Keep your mushroom display clean and free from dust by gently dusting it regularly.

Protecting from Moisture

To prevent damage, display preserved mushrooms away from areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Showcasing at Events

Display your preserved mushrooms at botanical exhibitions, art fairs, or private events to share their beauty with others.

DIY Mushroom Preservation Kit

Create a DIY mushroom preservation kit with instructions for fellow enthusiasts, making for an excellent gift idea.

Identifying Toxic Mushrooms

Educate yourself about toxic mushrooms to ensure you only preserve non-toxic species.

Partnering with Mycologists

Collaborate with mycologists and enthusiasts to gain valuable insights and share your passion for mushroom preservation.

Showcasing Rare Species

Preserve and display rare or endangered mushroom species to raise awareness about their conservation.

Incorporating Photography

Combine your preserved mushroom displays with photography to create artistic and captivating visuals.

Exploring Mushroom Preservation Art

Delve into the world of mushroom preservation art and discover renowned artists and their masterpieces.


Preserving mushrooms for display is an art that allows us to cherish the beauty of nature long after they’ve left the forest floor. With various preservation methods at your disposal, you can experiment with different techniques and create unique displays that captivate the imagination. Whether you prefer the elegance of pressed mushrooms or the transparency of resin art, the preservation process will transform these fascinating fungi into timeless pieces of natural art. Read more


Can I use a microwave to dry mushrooms? 

No, using a microwave can lead to uneven drying and may damage the mushroom’s structure.

Is it possible to preserve mushrooms with their natural color intact? 

Yes, with careful drying and preservation techniques, it is possible to retain the mushroom’s natural color.

How long do preserved mushrooms last? 

Properly preserved mushrooms can last for several years or even decades.

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