How To Style Jewellery This Spring: 3 Trends From The 2022 Runways

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Jewellery designer Ayça Özbank Taşkan of Mara Paris provides her suggestions on sporting pearls, silver and assertion earrings this time.

To paraphrase Marilyn Monroe, jewelry has generally been a girl’s (or actually anyone’s!) greatest pal. Produced much more clear by the pandemic, an eclectic pair of earrings or cluster of gold chains can right away elevate an outfit, and numerous have rediscovered the ability of a perfectly-placed upper entire body accent thanks to two yrs of Zoom conferences. But what separates a excellent piece of jewellery from a terrific piece of jewelry? Designer Ayça Özbank Taşkan of Mara Paris claims it is in the procedure and the aspects. “Making parts that appear simply basic is challenging,” she shares more than online video chat. “It’s seriously all about the compact facts.” And that is been the mystery to her and her brand’s success.

How To Style Jewellery This Spring: 3 Trends From The 2022 Runways
Photography courtesy of Mara Paris

No stranger to a style and design problem, Özbank Taşkan started off her imaginative occupation as an architect. Searching for a unique way to categorical herself, Mara Paris was born as a facet venture. “It wasn’t particularly about creating jewellery for each se, but I needed to create objects with an aesthetic price.” Whilst the two fields could possibly feel really various in principle, she adapted her strategy to architecture and used it to jewelry structure.

“Whether you’re drafting a space or an earring, there’s normally a commence position,” Özbank Taşkan clarifies. “At the commencing, I am attempting to define what is the most important inspiration and what are the limitations of just about every assortment. After you compile the conceptual tips, you have to consider about the function and creation, and then you have to examination what you designed. For each, you are often striving to strengthen every single little part of it.”

You can see this precision in each and every style from Mara Paris, from avant-garde ear cuffs to quick-to-put on rings. But what certainly separates the brand’s items from other people is its international perspective. The definition of a nomad, Özbank Taşkan was born in Istanbul but has lived in Venice, Padua, Milan, Berlin, Helsinki and, of class, Paris. Although she cites Picasso as a consistent inspiration, she infuses bits of all these distinct cultures into her artisanal aesthetic. “In each metropolis I realized so a great deal and acquired so a lot of new ordeals,” she reflects. “So when I’m coming up with, every assortment has its own topic, but Mara Paris as a full is a mixture of all these distinctive components of the earth.”

Pictures courtesy of Mara Paris

For her most current assortment, Haven, Özbank Taşkan has embraced her nomad moniker and was influenced by finding and cherishing your safe and sound house. Assumed of as additional of an plan than a physical place, her new presenting features a myriad of pearls, silver accents and assertion earrings, all of which are some of the largest jewellery tendencies to arrive off the Spring 2022 runways.

With that in intellect, we asked the Mara Paris designer how to style the prime jewelry traits of the spring period.


paris street style
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Pinterest had named Pearlcore as a single of its best developments of 2022. And though these iridescent accents are normally affiliated with vintage Hollywood glamour à la Grace Kelly or a rude, loaded female in a skirt match like the fictional Lucille Bluth, iridescent jewellery is finding a major streetwear makeover this spring . To realize the glimpse, Özbank Taşkan recommends investing in a baroque pearl necklace. “It goes flawlessly with virtually all outfits,” she says, conveying that this jewel selection has a more organic shape than the usual round ones we frequently see. “Each gem has its own individual and distinctive shape, so it will make it incredibly modern day.” Just take your cues from this influencer and make the accent more everyday with a denim jumpsuit and a straightforward sweater.


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Two several years ago, silver appeared to disappear practically overnight. No longer “in style” (at least in accordance to information creators), the metal went into hiding, and its golden sister took its spot in the modern solar. On the other hand, the silver jewelry renaissance is on us this spring, and the critical to using on this craze is all about tones. “You have a good deal of independence with silver,” claims the Mara Paris designer. “It works definitely very well with cooler colors and minimalist types.” This monochromatic trio demonstrates whites, creams, ivories, and gentle greys are the best pairing for this accent. But if you’re wanting to make a bolder assertion, experiment with distinctive mixtures of blues, greens and purples.

Statement earrings

paris street style
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When it comes to assertion jewelry, there are two faculties of assumed for how to model earrings: possibly give in to the chaos and adopt a “more is more” mentality or break up the boujee accessory and embrace a a lot more minimalistic aesthetic. Özbank Taşkan is in favour of the latter. “It’s just extra elegant,” she notes, referencing Scandinavian fashion. “With a negligible glance, the assertion piece is additional attention-grabbing and has room to breathe.” The important to pulling off this bold jewellery trend is to store for parts with an architectural structure or exclusive texture. Apply the exact principles to your outfit of option, and you are certain to stay clear of kitschy territory.

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