‘Piercings and jewellery are prohibited’

In the Event Notes from the race director, Niels Wittich, one notable position stands out. Namely, the new race director has described that jewellery and piercings are not permitted during the celebration.

Michael Masi has been pushed aside as race director in System 1 following 2021 and replaced by a new duo. Eduardo Freitas and Niels Wittich will just take turns as the final race director and will also notify the teams all over the race weekend. One thing stands out in the Event Notes prior to this weekend.


Wittich helps make his mark


The Event Notes highlight the most significant guidelines prior to a race weekend and these that could have been altered for that weekend. For example, it differs per Grand Prix the place the test starts off can be held and it also implies in which the DRS zones are, for case in point.


As a fifth rule, the Function Notes for the Australian Grand Prix state the wearing of jewelry. ‘The wearing of jewellery in the type of system piercing or metal neck chains is prohibited during the levels of competition and my for that reason be checked just before the begin,’ the description reads. Why Wittich has named this so explicitly for the impending race is unknown. Lewis Hamilton is ordinarily recognized to put on a whole lot of jewelry, so he may possibly have to regulate for the upcoming race.

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