Recorded Voice or Live Answering Services- What Is Your Preference?

Using a third party to attend the incoming calls is a benefit that has no equals. It is truly beneficial for small companies with a limited budget to adhere to. Thankfully, the service provider may offer automated answers to calls that require no specialized answers. Yet automation or a recorded voice may put the caller off. Many companies thus stand a chance of losing their priced customers or prospects due to this mistake. It is always better for you to settle for one of the best live answering services available for your business. you may have to shift offices and move all equipment to a new location. Opening new branches across the nation can help the business to expand its footprint too. However, you cannot afford to stop important tasks during this time. Feel free to hire the answering service provider who will take over the daily tasks and address all concerns of existing and prospective customers. While a few companies may choose to utilize such services temporarily, others may shift to the virtual answering of calls permanently thus omitting the need for hiring more permanent employees.

What are live answering services?

Well, this is one of the first questions that you must ask the service provider when you want to answer all sales and customer service calls from users without missing any of them. You need to be well informed about the positives of having a real human being address the client at the other end.  The incoming calls are sure to be answered by a live agent with the requisite training and information. Answering inquiries, and scheduling an appointment with you or the sales personnel happens to be the fore of live answering service. Besides, most callers are pleased to speak with a live person instead of pressing a specific number in response to automated voice records.

What do you gain by using a live agent for answering queries?

Simply attending an incoming call is not the extent of responsibilities handled by the live agent either. Instead, you are sure to be extremely pleased when you obtain the following benefits regularly…

  • 24X7 Service– You do not have to be concerned about the service provider missing important calls. Rest assured, there will be an agent manning the desk 24 hours. That is certainly more that you could offer had you been able to hire a full-time receptionist. What’s more? Such agents will be available to take the calls on weekends and national holidays too. The existing customers and leads can speak according to their convenience.
  • Call Screening– This is an important service that automation cannot handle. The live agent, on the other hand, will be adept at screening all incoming calls to decide and segregate the truly important ones. Scheduling an appointment with you as convenient and forwarding messages are duties that are done perfectly. You may even be interrupted at work by a forwarded call when a valuable customer or prospect wants to speak to you urgently.
  • Elimination of Spams & False Calls– There are sure to be multiple types of incoming calls made to your company. Unfortunately, a majority of them are not going to be useful and may be hung up immediately. The automation may not be able to distinguish between a genuine call and spam. This results in wasting time and resources. A live representative will not only use her brains to differentiate between the unimportant and valuable calls but you will also be satisfied to get rid of robo calls, telemarketing agents, and spam with the aid of a screening process.

You will get maximum satisfaction by reducing the overheads substantially. The live answering services will be available for a fixed fee with no employee benefits or leave being required.

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