Skandagiri Sunrise Trek From Bangalore


The Western Ghats of Karnataka is filled with number of enormous hills like Kodachadri, Nandi hills, Pushpagiri, Tadiandamol and many more. Skandagiri is one of the hills which are too situated in the Western Ghats of Karnataka and are one of the most beautiful and unbelievable hills one could ever see. If you are planning for a trek then Skandagiri hills is the next destination I would suggest you to. Come, let us know more about Skandagiri hill.You can also visit Bungee jumping in Rishikesh, It is an exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping adventure activity that has gained immense popularity among thrill-seekers

About Skandagiri

Skandagiri hill also known as the Kalavara Durga, is one of the famous well-known hills in Karnataka, India. It has an altitude of 1350 m above sea level. Skandagiri hills is approximately 70 km from Bangalore city and is famous for its sunrise point. This trek is not that difficult and is a moderate kind of trek. If people staying in Bangalore or are from Bangalore, they could simply take a car of their own or could hire a cab straight to Papagna Muth which is in Kalavara Village. this whole trek is approximately 8 km long and would probably take about 4 to 5 hours to complete the Skandagiri Trek. Skandagiri hills has 4 more hills which is known as “panchgiris” and the names are Nandigiri, Channagiri, Skandagiri, Brahmagiri and Hemagiri.  The whole trek is filled with dense forest, beautiful scenic views, the beautiful flora and fauna, the sweet and sublime atmosphere the rocky and wet path and of course the astonishing sunrise right at the peak of the hill. 


If you want to see the sunrise at the right moment then you have to leave your houses at the right moment. At 11PM or 12AM you should leave your house by car, bike or cab whatever suits you. You reach to Papagna Muth in Kalavara Village, then you would be going forward and reach a check post where they would check your tickets for the further visit to the peak.

Skandagiri Hill Trek – A Journey Through Nature’s Abode and History 

While on the way you would go through a dense forest with different species of birds and even Monkeys (you should really watch out for them if you don’t want your food to get snatched and you travel the entire trek empty stomach). After reaching on top, you would reach the entrance of the fort. This fort was the home to a local king long back in the early 18th century who was then defeated by Tipu Sultan and the fort was ruled by him, there he would fight the British soldiers but was later surrendered and the ruins of the fort after the fight remained. That became a heritage sight. Another small temple of Lord Shiva is situated at the top, people and locals believe that temple to be holy and would go there to get a glimpse of the deity. This is also one part which attracts people and encourages them to climb the Skandagiri Hill. Once you reach the top you would witness the other 2 famous hills in Karnataka that is Nandi Hills and Channagiri Hills. Skandagiri Hills overlook these two hills. Apart from these hills you would obviously see mist till the sun rises. As the sun rises, the first golden rays falling on your face is the best thing someone could ever witness during their lifetime. The cold breeze slowing turning warm as the sun increases the temperature. By 8 AM you would get to see the lush green trees and a beautiful view which is as astonishing as the sunrise. 

While coming down you should be careful from all the big rocks as it is even more difficult to step down then to climb up the rocks. In this whole trek you should take whatever necessary item you would need for the journey. Water, snacks and first aid are the most important items one should have during the trek. As this trek is not that difficult but some parts where the big boulders and rocks are quite huge and slippery which makes this trek a moderate one. 


This trek is recommended to families and friends. Karnataka being the city of the Silicon Valley, the IT hub of India but it sure has some beautiful, breathtaking hills. Looking at these hills I am sure you would want to go to a trek any day. Bangalore being expensive itself, anyone needing a break from their busy life but don’t want to go too far or anywhere expensive then Skandagiri hills is the one for you.  This weekend pack your bag packs and start your cars and get going to Skandagiri Hills. 


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