The Best Independent Jewellery Brands You Need To Know Now

Where do the world’s top luxury stores, from to Harrods, go to find the hottest and most exciting developments and rising designers in fine jewellery? The response is Couture, the elite jewelry and view clearly show that can take location each individual June at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. It is wherever some of the most expected launches in the world take spot, new talent gets found, insane specials are hashed out, and field insiders social gathering for 4 evenings straight.

It kicks off right now, but British Vogue had a sneak preview of what is on show, and has curated our decide of the most enjoyable launches at this year’s gemfest, starting up with the inaugural “Radiance” selection. Hosted by Couture, it showcases the stellar function of 13 independent BIPOC designers, all of whom have utilised diamonds ethically sourced by means of De Beers’s Code of Origin programme, which ensures that they are pure, conflict-totally free gems from Botswana, Canada, Namibia or South Africa. From Melanie Eddy’s angular chamfered rings, to Maggi Simpkins’s use of hard stone inlay, it’s one particular of Couture’s real have to-sees. Hold looking through to explore the rest of the very best – it will not be very long before they land in a jewelry shop in close proximity to you. 

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