Top 5 Most Successful Cricket Captains in the World [2023]: From Ponting to Kohli

Taking up the leadership role in cricket brings a lot of challenges in order to motivate all the players to perform better to win the game. To be the leader of the team one has to be very strong to take all the challenges easily and encourage their troop to snatch the victory. 

Being a Captain the player must have has excellent skills in field placements, bowling changes, and all the tactics.

In the realm of cricket, every team has some high-performing captains that have given remarkable contributions to their team in winning the maximum number of matches and are known as the most successful captain in the world. 

So, today we will discuss about the world no 1 captain in cricket. Read the post till the end.

 Best Captain in Cricket

  1. Graeme Smith

Leading the South African team Graeme Smith has grabbed about 53 test match wins in the total matches played 109 test matches played internationally and the record is untouched yet.

Greme Smit has glorified their team with his ability to win the matches through his amazing hitting skills. He was declared as the captain at the age of 22 making him the youngest captain.

Under his captainship, the team won 163 matches in 286 matches played.

  1. Ricky Ponting

The former Australian Skipper Ricky Ponting is the best captain in cricket with an impressive statistical graph of 224 wins out of 324 matches played. Ponting’s captainship was called the golden era of the Australian team in which they are dominating world cricket and recorded numerous trophies by their name. He has prepared an incredible winning team that is made to win.

  1. MS Dhoni

No need to give you an introduction to the brilliant player and incredible captain of India M S Dhoni who has grabbed a number of records by his name along with a number of winning matches. Under his Captainship, the team performance was stunning, and recorded  178 wins in 332 matches played internationally. The First T20 world cup was won by India in  2007 under the leadership of the emerging player M S Dhoni.

  1. Allan Border

When the legendary player Allan Border was appointed as Australian Captain, the team was in the fall and they made the team strong with his tactics and skills.  Reviving the team to the newest and strongest to win the game the team has won 139 in 271 matches played under his leadership.

  1. Virat Kohli

Grabbing a lot of records by his name Virat Kohli has become the most successful Indian Captain who has reached 135 wins in 213 matches and become the extraordinary captain of team India. Crowned with the GOAT, the King of Cricket, and the King of IPL Virat  Kohli is the world no 1 captain in cricket and is called as King Kohli among his die-hard fans.

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