What Can Be the Reasons of Slip Disk?

Slipped disc is also called a herniated disc or a prolapsed disc. It is a general type of spinal condition that may trigger significant pain and discomfort. To know the reasons behind your slipped disc, it’s critical to delve into the structure of the spine and even the aspects that can lead to this health condition. Certainly, if you have this issue, you can go for slip disc treatment in Delhi and get relief.

Anyhow, you must understand that the spine is a complex structure that is formed up of individual bones known as vertebrae that are separated by intervertebral discs. These discs work as shock absorbers, providing flexibility and even cushioning to the spine. Each disc has a hard outer layer known as the annulus fibrosus, and even a gel-like centre called the nucleus pulposus. Here are some of the main reasons you should know for slip disks. 

Your Poor posture and body mechanics

Yes, you know wrong or incorrect posture, mainly when lifting heavy objects, can put massive stress on the spinal discs, expanding the risk of herniation. Repeated poor body mechanics can slowly weaken your discs over time.

Age-related deterioration

As you age, the intervertebral discs lose water content even and become less flexible, making them more vulnerable to injury and damage. Such a degeneration can led to cracks or even tears in the annulus fibrosus, triggering the nucleus pulposus to bulge or even herniate via these openings.

Repeated stress

Then you know there are certain types of professions or activities that do involve repetitive movements or prolonged sitting. It can contribute to disc degeneration and even herniation. Examples include long hours of sitting at a desk, even driving, or lifting heavy weights daily. These things can definitely play a role in the condition of slip disks.

Immense Obesity

Excess body weight puts a lot of pressure on the spine, and it leads to accelerated wear and tear of your discs. So, if you are someone who is immensely obese, then you may have to watch out for it.

Trauma and injuries

You know a sudden impact or even injury to your spine, such as from a fall, even a car accident, or sports-related incident, can definitely cause the disc to herniate. These conditions can harm and eventually lead to slip disks.

Smoking can harm your back!

Yes, you heard it exactly right. Smoking can impair your nutrient supply to the discs, leading to faster degeneration and weakening of your disc tissues. So, if you are someone who extensively smokes, then you must need to stop now.

Role of Genetic Factors

Some people may also have a genetic predisposition to developing disc problems because of differences in the structure or even composition of their intervertebral discs. This is something that can be a reason for many people. 

Your Sedentary lifestyle

Lack of daily exercise and physical activity can weaken the muscles that support the spine, making it quite susceptible to injury and even disc herniation. So, you have to be confident that you do some sort of activity regularly to ensure you don’t develop back issues.


To sum up, the condition of a slipped disc can emerge due to a combination of aspects, including age-related changes, poor posture and body mechanics, regular stress, obesity, and much more. If you are facing this condition because of any reason, you can consider slipped disc treatment in Punjabi bagh Delhi and ensure recovery and  relief . However, it’s important to prioritize your health and seek treatment wherever you can find qualified and experiencing medical professionals to help you with your condition.

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