What Is Long COVID? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

There is no particular cure for lengthy COVID. As an alternative, the current solution is to offer with each individual symptom individually.

For example, another person who ordeals brain fog could be referred by their medical professional for cognitive rehabilitation, akin to physical remedy for the mind. All through the rehab they may possibly be taught methods to make improvements to focus or memory, or they may possibly find out tactics to compensate for complications imagining, this sort of as by consciously marking their spot in a get the job done job when the cellular phone rings.

For some indications, these kinds of as challenges involving the heart, lungs, or gastrointestinal tract, health professionals may prescribe remedies. Scientists notice that people today with coronary heart rhythm complications from long COVID could reward from a very low-dose beta-blocker, for occasion.

People today with extended COVID can be taken care of by their general apply doctor or by unique professionals for the physique parts affected by their condition, these types of as a cardiologist for heart challenges.

A different choice is to check out a clinic devoted to extensive COVID care. These extensive COVID clinics are opening all over the nation, and many are affiliated with massive neighborhood or academic hospitals the web site of the affected individual support group Survivor Corps offers a checklist of extended COVID clinics across the United States. Nonetheless, the ratio of clinics to individuals grappling with signs and symptoms is very low, so several clinics have patient hold out lists.

Experts concur that substantially much more investigation is needed on extended COVID in order to enable improved care. To that conclusion, President Biden signed an government buy in April 2022 directing a coordinated exploration and procedure hard work by the federal federal government. Amongst other things, the buy builds on a prolonged COVID exploration research, referred to as Recuperate, that is underway at the Countrywide Institutes of Health and fitness.

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