What is social wellbeing by Dr Jay Feldman?

According to Dr. Jay Feldman, living in the United States of America, creating, sharing relationships with others can be described as social wellbeing.

This makes one feel loved and valued, providing you with a an impression of intimacy and feeling of belonging.

According to Dr. Jay Feldman, our relationships can help us through stressful times. Making healthy, caring, and supportive relationships, as well as establishing genuine connections with the people in your life are all components of social wellbeing.

Finding a way to balance your relationships with others and your educational and professional life requires deliberate actions.

What is the importance of well-being in society?

We ascend from chimps, and we share a piece of the human brain called our limbic system. This part of our brain is responsible for our desire to be the world, around us, and connect to other people.

We are at risk of becoming socially disengaged if we do not take note of, build and maintain our social wellbeing. It’s not the same as choosing to go on a date in order to benefit from isolation. The decision to be isolated from society isn’t something you can choose to do.

Being isolated from other interactions can lead to a cycle of self-perpetuation since loneliness can trigger negative feelings of fear and anxiety.

Which can lead to further isolation behaviors. Being lonely can be very damaging due to social isolation.

What are the steps you can take to increase your social well-being?

Even though the negative effects of loneliness can be depressing you can increase your social health. Here are some suggestions from Dr. Jay Feldman for improving your interactions with people around you and making new acquaintances:

To reconnect, first disconnect. While the Internet is a great resource however, it can also hamper communicating with other individuals at home as well as work.

Make it a habit to make it your daily routine to unplug from technology and sharing your thoughts with friends and family in person.

Develop your communication skills. If you can, talk in person. Learn to use “I” statements like “I need to express myself to you” instead of “you” statements like “You don’t listen.” Take a look at a communication class if you think your skills could benefit from some work.

Be involve in your local community. Volunteering will boost your self-esteem and help you connect to others. You might consider joining a local group that is dedicated to a passion that you love.

As crocheting or speaking or something else that you would like to understand more. If you’re looking for more time, join your local volunteer group via Facebook and Twitter and request to assist occasionally.

A glance at someone’s Instagram picture of flowers blooming in the spring, which they help in the planting process last fall will make you feel more connect to the world.

Keep an optimistic mindset. If you’re in a good mood, people will enjoy being around you, and you will delight in yourself. Let go of your anger or worries, complains, or fears and concentrate on the present moment.

Consider your emotional intelligence. Are you aware of the feelings of other people? If not, you may be able to notice the signals they receive from them regarding.

What they expect from you as an individual in the family, or close friend. Do a test on your communication skills to determine areas of improvement.

The ones you cherish. Call or visit your family and friends to give them a boost. Don’t wait until a birthday to celebrate.

Sending an email or calling via a with someone is always a good idea. Be sure to congratulate and acknowledge individuals whenever they are deserving of it.

Smile and keep people’s names in mind. Being friendly and acknowledging people by their first names is essential. If you use the name of someone else, you show respect and love for the things that matter to them.

Establish a culture of respect. When you show respect to individuals who are different in comparison to you, you’ll be rewarded with respect.

Develop a plan of the actions you will take. You’re more likely to keep your promises by creating an action plan for communicating with other people and include it into your calendar.

It’s not necessary to sit and wait for it all to happen in a flash and you can take control of your social health.

You should respect your partner. According to research the most successful couples regard reverence as the top essential aspect of their relationship. To show your love for your partner when you’re in a relationship that is serious.

  • Social Wellness Indicators
  • Enhance your assertiveness skills rather than shy or anger-driven ones.
  • Controlling social and private time.
  • The ability for you to express yourself fully in any situation.
  • Joining in with others in your local community.
  • Respecting different opinions and treating everyone with respect.
  • Maintaining and extending connections to regular updates on social networks.
  • Limits in relationships can encourage communication, trust and dispute resolution.
  • Keep in mind that you should enjoy yourself.
  • A group of family and friends members who support each other.


The technological advancements have made it much easier to check in with family and friends as well as share content and converse on mobile devices. We need someone we can turn to during our down times and be happy with in our highs.

Dr. Jay Feldman says we all need to know how we can discuss with someone during stressful situations. Talking and listening is extremely beneficial in helping people move forward.

It’s equally important to allow others to speak and build a mutually beneficial good relationship. Make sure you are present when someone shares their emotions or describes their experience and shares their thoughts.



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