What is the average processing time for Canada Visas from Abu Dhabi, UAE?

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Canada has been a very delightful and pleasurable destination for people from across the world. People desire to obtain Canadian visas and they look for Canada PR too. But it is essential to concern that some factors have a high influence on the processing time for any Canadian visa. However, different types of visas take different average processing times. Yet Canada’s IRCC has renewed the processing time for each visa. You may find the answer to your query in this article by Fly High Abroad.

What is Canada Immigration Process?

The Canadian legislature has taken all essential measures to ensure that immigration to Canada is a healthy and successful process. Thus it is now at its best. It should be reasonable for you to get knowledgeable about numerous crucial aspects of the Canadian immigration process as an aspirant immigrant applicant.

A prospective applicant will undoubtedly have numerous inquiries concerning the immigration procedure available in Canada. They would consist of:

  • Which kinds of visas are there in Canada that would be suitable for my needs?
  • What criteria must I meet to be eligible for the visa I want?
  • Which papers do I need to submit when I request a visa to travel to Canada?
  • How long would this Canada visa application procedure take?
  • What is the route and Canada PR processing time?

The above-mentioned all queries are equally important to be answered. They must be clear and transparent. We at Fly High Abroad are tried and trusted as immigration consultants from Abu Dhabi for decades. Our professional Registered Migration Agents are here 24/7 for your assistance in migration as well as the processing of all Canadian visas.

The length of time it takes to acquire a visa is a vital aspect in choosing which nation to go to because time is a crucial consideration when considering migration. Given this, Canada has made efforts to keep the processing period as short as possible to maximize the benefits for prospective immigrants.

How long does it take to process Canadian visas?

Every immigration applicant who starts the procedure to immigrate to Canada will undoubtedly be keen to get there as soon as possible. This is why the processing time for Canadian visas benefits prospective immigrants so greatly.

Now let’s look at the main elements that affect how long it takes to secure a Canada visa first.

  • Visa type requested
  • Nation of the origin or place of application
  • The application’s accuracy and completeness
  • As simple as it is to verify the applicant’s details
  • How swiftly can the IRCC handle visa requests that are already active in the system?
  • The span of the period required for an applicant to respond to any questions or demands made while processing their visa application

Processing Time of Canada Visas as per the Type:

The fact that average processing time differs from type to type. Further, we are here to discuss different pathways to Canada visas and their processing times:

1.       Canadian Visitor Visa Processing Time:

For such a type of Canada visa, the native country and the region of the candidate’s application are the factors that highly impact. The average Canadian visitor visa processing time is 193 days.

2.       Student Visa for Canada Processing Time:

This type of visa in Canada also depends upon the region from where the application is submitted. Most of the time the student visa for Canada is processed on particular criteria.

The student visa applied from within Canada takes a processing time of around 3-4 weeks

Student visa application from Abu Dhabi, UAE takes approx. of 9-10 weeks

The average student visa for Canada processing time is up to 5 months

3.       Processing time for Canada work Permit:

You will require a Canada work permit if your primary purpose is to work in Canada. Among all Canada visas, a work permit has the widest period required to process and finish.

The processing time for a Canada work permit can be as short as 5 weeks or as long as 36 weeks. It depends on how well you filled out your application before submitting it. This will have a huge impact on how quick is the processing time for a Canada work permit. The origin of submitting your application for a Canada work permit also has an impact on what will be the processing time of the visa application.

4.       Canada PR processing time:

This Canada visa is evidence that you are a permanent resident of Canada. Well, there exist two options for Canada PR. Therefore, we will elaborate on their processing times separately.

  • Canada PR processing time for PR cards is around 45 days to 120 days.
  • While you are seeking the renewal of Canada PR. Then it could have a processing time from a few weeks to even months. But yet on average, it can take 77 business days. Moreover, Fly High Abroad advises you to renew your Canada PR card even before it expires. Especially, if you plan to trip outside of Canada.

5.       The Express Entry Visa:

The FSW, FST, and CEC employment development streams are part of the Canada Express Entry program. Although they are Canadian immigration streams at the national level. Provincial Nominee Program is a provincial migration stream that is frequently linked to the Express Entry program. Such PNP applicants have Express Entry identities.

Visa applications are submitted through Express Entry. And the duration of 6 months to 27 months is the average processing time after the IRCC receives them. Rarely, it takes 27 months.

6.       Labor Market Impact Assessment: (LMIA)

While not being a true visa, an LMIA may be required for employees migrating to Canada with a job opportunity from a Canadian business.  This document proves that the hiring company put up enough effort to track down candidates with the necessary qualifications and skills for the position. Nevertheless, as they were unable to locate them within the local populace, you were requested to fill the position as a migrant.

The processing time for an LMIA application can be 8 to 29 business days.

The success of Canada Visas through an Immigration Consultant from Abu Dhabi:

The RMAs at Fly High Abroad let you know about missing papers or unsuccessful application submissions. The greatest customer service is something we really believe in. We also offer immigration advice and show you how to polish your application so that it is approved right away. Our familiarity with the processing time for Canadian work visas is quite high. Because we frequently send clients from Abu Dhabi, UAE to Canada.

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