Monopoly Go: 10 Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Monopoly Go, the beloved digital adaptation of the classic board game, has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. Its blend of strategic gameplay, exciting events, and the thrill of accumulating wealth has captivated millions. If you’re new to Monopoly Go and eager to climb the ranks, these ten tips and tricks will set you on the path to becoming a real estate mogul in no time.

Understanding the Basics

First and foremost, understanding the basics is crucial. Monopoly Go follows the traditional rules of Monopoly with a few digital twists. You need to purchase properties, build houses and hotels, and collect rent from your opponents. However, the mobile version introduces new elements like events, missions, and in-game currencies that add layers of strategy. Familiarize yourself with these aspects to gain an edge.

Prioritize Property Acquisition

One of the most essential strategies in Monopoly Go is to prioritize property acquisition. Early in the game, aim to buy as many properties as possible. This increases your chances of completing color sets, which allows you to build houses and hotels. The more properties you own, the higher your rental income. Even if some properties seem less valuable, acquiring them prevents your opponents from completing their sets, giving you a strategic advantage.

Focus on Completing Color Sets

Another vital tip is to focus on completing color sets. When you own all properties of the same color, you can start building houses and hotels, which significantly boost your rental income. Completed sets not only increase your wealth but also create a formidable barrier for your opponents, as landing on your properties becomes costly for them. Prioritize trading with other players to complete your sets, offering them deals they can’t refuse.

Participate in Events

In Monopoly Go, events play a significant role in advancing your progress. Participate in events regularly to earn exclusive rewards, such as free dice rolls, in-game currency, and rare properties. Events often have specific missions and challenges that, when completed, provide substantial bonuses. Keep an eye on the event calendar and plan your gameplay around these events to maximize your rewards.

Maximize Free Dice Rolls

Free dice rolls are a valuable resource in Monopoly Go, and knowing how to obtain and use them effectively can greatly enhance your gameplay. Dice rolls determine your movement on the board, and having extra rolls gives you more opportunities to land on valuable properties and collect rent. To get free dice rolls, log in daily, participate in events, and complete missions. Additionally, linking your game to social media accounts and inviting friends can earn you bonus dice rolls. Use these rolls strategically to maximize your gains.

Master the Art of Trading

Trading is an integral part of Monopoly Go. Being a shrewd negotiator can turn the tide in your favor. When trading properties, always aim for mutually beneficial deals. Offer properties that your opponents need to complete their sets in exchange for properties that will help you complete yours. Remember, a good trade can sometimes be more valuable than a direct purchase, especially if it helps you build houses and hotels faster.

Manage In-Game Currency Wisely

Managing your in-game currency wisely is another critical aspect. Avoid spending all your money on properties without keeping a reserve for building houses and hotels. Balancing property acquisition and development is key to long-term success. In addition, be cautious about spending real money on in-game purchases. While it can provide short-term advantages, it’s essential to focus on building sustainable wealth through strategic gameplay.

Utilize Power-Ups

Monopoly Go introduces power-ups that can provide significant advantages during gameplay. Power-ups can be used to manipulate dice rolls, avoid rent payments, or steal properties from opponents. Utilize these power-ups judiciously, especially during crucial moments when they can turn the game in your favor. Acquiring power-ups can be done through event rewards, daily logins, and special missions. Make sure to stock up on them for when they are needed the most.

Network with Other Players

One often overlooked aspect is the importance of networking with other players. Joining online communities, forums, and social media groups dedicated to Monopoly Go can provide valuable insights and tips from experienced players. These communities often share strategies, upcoming event details, and trading opportunities. Engaging with other players also opens the door for collaboration, where you can form alliances and trade properties more effectively.

Stay Updated with Game Changes

Staying updated with game updates and patches is crucial. Developers frequently introduce new features, events, and balance changes that can impact gameplay strategies. By staying informed, you can adapt your tactics to the latest game dynamics and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Follow the official Monopoly Go social media channels and regularly check the game’s news section to stay in the loop.

Practice Patience and Perseverance

Lastly, practice patience and perseverance. Monopoly Go, like its classic counterpart, is a game of strategy and luck. You might face setbacks, but maintaining a positive attitude and learning from each game will improve your skills over time. Celebrate small victories, analyze your losses, and continually refine your strategies. The journey to becoming a top player in Monopoly Go is a marathon, not a sprint.


In conclusion, mastering Monopoly Go requires a combination of strategic thinking, careful resource management, and effective networking. By prioritizing property acquisition, completing color sets, participating in events, utilizing free dice rolls, trading wisely, managing currency, leveraging power-ups, networking with players, staying updated with game changes, and practicing patience, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the board. Embrace these tips and tricks, and watch as your Monopoly Go empire grows. Happy gaming!

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